License transfer to new URL




I bought Master Slider and entered its license key in my WordPress site. At that time I didn’t register domain name I had only IP address. Then after couple of days I configured that IP with a domain name. Now I get message to enter License key for my Master Slider. So when I try to enter the same key I get message that this key is already registered.
I am stuck I can’t use my own key(only for one website). Please help me to fix this problem?

Thank you


I don;t know how the author has use being restricted by registration of domains or URLs but that aside 1 license allows use on 1 website/project/domain etc. so if somehow they have this registration configured as a requirement then that is why it is happening


Shoot an email through the the Master Slider people with your site details and purchase code. They will be able to fix this up for you.


My IP address is still same (it’s just got mapped to a domain name now) that’s why I thought it should work automatically.
I will contact Master slider through when I will receive my registration confirmation from averta support. I register 6 hour ago but still have not received confirmation email :frowning:


Contact the author of Master Slider plugin to solve the problem.