Activate purchase code 2nd time

I have a purchase code for the master-slider wordpress plugin, but when I want to activate itI get this message: You have already activated this license key on another domain, please deactivate it and try again. Learn more [VA304]. It was activated on a previous domain, but that domain no longer excists. I read about a link where I can deactivate it, but I can’t find this link anywhere? Please help!

You just need to follow the link which you have pasted here yourself :slight_smile:

On that link “Learn more” you will find this (instructions how to deactivate license):


Very helpful reply from @CocoBasic. If you still can’t then as you don’t have access the old domain or the old domain not exist any more then you can Contact your purchased Master Slider Author. Contact Author and let them know. If they can assist you from their side would be solution for you. Otherwise you have to buy a new license for your new domian. Thanks

thx. Now I found it. You were very helpfull!