Have Slider Rev License need to remove from one website to another.

Actually I have 3 licenses that I haven’t used in years. They were on old websites that no longer exist.
Instructions suggest to deactivate from each site to use again.
Can’t do that since they don’t exist.
Please help me figure out how to deactivate them and reuse.


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemePunch-Support-K they will help you out from your issue.
Themepunch Support Center


Deactivate your Purchase Code Registration to use on another WordPress installation

Hope helped!

Hi everyone,

i´m new here in the same situation that lloydmartin. I have 3 licenses, each are desactivated, but i can´t activate anyone on the new website…

Let see if the email works.

Thanks for the tip.

Ok, there is no email and no more support if the support is expired…

So how to do it ?

Here is the way to, but…

If no more support, no more question.


Hi @lloydmartin @PhilDufour

If you have access of previous domain where the plugin activated then please check this:

If you don’t have access then use this form and plugin support team will assist you:


Thanks for your help.

First method no needed, because the old website does nt exist anymore.

So i´ve tried the second one.

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After few days, unfortunately it seems not to be working …

I have no news from the devs.

Hi PhilDufour,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Since you’ve tried the method from mgscoder and the issue still persists, contact us via our email at help@themepunch.support and we’ll check this out for you asap!



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Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Email send.

Ok, so good news…It works after the plugin update (done today)


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Back again…

After trying to install the plugins, it says “to activate the product”

I´ve send the email…Let see next week. :wink:

It works !

Thanks to @ThemePunch-Support-K

Hi PhilDufour,

Thanks for your reply. We’ve received your email and we will follow up over there.



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Hello, there is a way to know which website is using the code ?

Hi @karimchedid,

Thanks for your message. I’d like you to know that we save all purchase code data in a non-human-readable form and due to GDPR Laws and there is currently no way we can share these details. But you can deactivate it manually using this form https://www.themepunch.com/purchase-code-deactivation/ . Sorry for not being to help much here.