Revolution Slider plugin already registered



I don’t know if someone can help, but I have a bit of a strange problem with Revolution Slider plugin. I purchased a license some time ago and everything has been working fine, however I have recently deleted the site that the license was registered on, The site has been completely uninstalled and the addon domain completely removed from my hosting account, including any data bases. When I tried to use the purchase code on a new site though, it says the code is already in use. I realise now I should have probably deregistered the plugin before removing the site, but any ideas how to do so now as I cannot find any way of contacting Themepunch directly without paying for a new support account, in which case I may as well just buy another license, which I’m reluctant to do.

Apologies for being stupid btw.



Hello :smiley:

If you’re starting a new project you would need a new license anyway. So buying a new one will be the way to go.