Wrong purchase code

We just bought the U-design theme on the website CodeCanyon . I want to save the code to activate the revolution slider plugin. A window opens et the following message appears: "Oops…Wrong purchase code !"
How to do ?




Have you activated that license on any other domain? If so, you should deactivate it from your other domain and then activate it again. This way it will work.

If you have used(activated/deactivated) the license multiple times, then your key will be blocked. To unblock it just submit a ticket to rev slider seller. They will help you.


Thank you for your response. But i didn’t activate key on another domain. How to get a new key valid code activation ?

You don’t get the activation license as part of bundled plugins.

You can still use the plugin, just not get automatic updates etc. These are provided by the author of the them who owns the developer license

To get a new key you have to buy the plugin. For each purchase you get a license key :slight_smile: