License question - Free site, paid ad's.

Apologies, as I know licensing gets covered a lot, but when I think I find the answer to my question some of the responses skew the answer.

I want to build a site that has free content, access to all areas and all functionality is available to all users, so this would be a standard license.

But, if there is a directory element where people are paying to add their business to the site to be included in the directory for advertising, would this require a change to the license? At this point they are paying to add their details to the site, so they are paying for your webspace and to be incuded in your site content, but the functionality of the site is free for users to view, search and administer.

From our understanding as a theme author, the standard license for Themeforest allows you to use a theme for one end-product, e.g. one website.

So if you create a directory website it’s completely fine for you to have people to submit content (listings) to your website (free or paid) under the single theme license. The theme is still only used on your 1 website.

However, if in the future you add a service on your website where you also offered users who signup a subdomain, this would be considered an “on-demand product/service” (resulting in multiple websites) so a new license would be required for each sub-site setup through your service.

I hop e that helps! But you can always reference the Themeforest licenses documentation or ask the Envato team to be sure.

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Cool, thank you.