Pricing policy?

Hi. I’m interested in setting up a directory with The idea is to create a directory with some companies to appear on, mainly with free profiles but also with some possible banner advertising options to make some money with (google ad manager or similar).
Can I then use the standard license? My idea is absolutely not to sell the portal/directory or make more than one website, it’s to design my own directory with travel agencies to appear on, a bit like, and send some news, connect a newsletter and blog, etc.
Please confirm,
Rob (


If it’s a publicly accessible site then it’s fine to sell advertising on it using a regular license.

Thanks a lot. I have now purchased the theme (purchase code (removed by mod)) and installed it but all images appear black, see attached image. Sorry to bother, but is this normal or shall I reinstall? Any idea why this is?Foundation
Not a huge problem but would have been better to start with a clean theme?
thanks a lot,

Hey Rob. You’ll probably want to check with the author of that theme. Here is their support information -