License on a fallen site

Place my license on a site that was removed but I did not manage to remove the license; Could you remove the license from the dropped site? Please


If you don’t have access of old website where the license registered/activated then you have to contact theme author and request them to unregister/deactivate the license for the old domian/website.

contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to assist you.


Thank you very much. How do I get in touch with the author of the theme?

click the link I have provided in my reply. it will guide you how to get in touch with author for getting support. Thanks

Ok I’ll try, thank you!

Hi! I cannot access my account, it tells me that there is no account registered with that user and when I put the purchase key it tells me that it has already been registered with another email. Can you help me?

sorry! to say about license registration issues only your purchased item author can assist you. Please go to your purchased item page then from top tab click Comments, it will take you to the item comments page. you can post your query there as a comments and your purchased item author will reply and will help you. One important thing you must have to post comments and contact author from the original item purhaser account.