Licence violations and how we can deal with them


So I spotted out that one of my tracks is used in tens of videos of similar type - which is great!
The only thing is the track has been sold only a couple of times.
As far as I am concerned every audiojungle track can be used only in one end product on one licence, so probably the company who’s making those videos is treating the song as one of their own and therefore they use it everytime they need to. I’ve never had any problems like this before, fellow authors, do we have any resonable way to deal with that sort of situations?


As long as I know, a standard license can be used in a series video (52 times episodes)

A series should be similar videos I think


Not exactly the case because those are videos made clearly by the same company, although they’re uploaded by different people etc. My question generally is if people like wedding video makers can use our music on audiojungle licence over and over for different clients.


Ahhh then it should be a violation then, but nothing we can really do. Sue the violators will waste more money than you earned surely.


I think I have read about similar situations here in the forums, being solved by Envato support. Maybe you could contact support with all the information you have available? No point in having different licences if the licence conditions isn’t enforced. It could be that the company hasn’t read the licence agreement (even if they should).


I would suggest with this issue first of all always contact our support team.