Multiple Time Use of Audio Tracks

Hi everyone. I’ve purchased several audio tracks in the past and am a very satisfied customer. However, it appears that there isn’t a licensing option that I’m looking for. I would like to purchase track(s) and use them multiple times in different videos. We use them as background music for some pretty boring technical stuff.

I’m very old school and am used to the old days where you could essentially purchase an “album” of background music and had unlimited use of the tracks.

Is that not an option with Audio Jungle? Or am I just not looking hard enough? Are there different sources I should be looking at instead?


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If your videos are still in a set episodes (ex: technical video 1, technical 2, techical video 3, and so on) you can use it max 54 times (or 52 cmiiw) with a standard license :wink:

Thanks for your feedback. How do you know that? Is there some place within the Envato or Audio Jungle license(s) that spells that out?

Ah 52 actually, you need to dig the faq deeper sometimes :wink:


Thank you for your help.