A client has bought 1 standard license, but used it in 20+ youtube videos.

Is this even legal?
I understand if it is a series that it is legal (please correct me if im wrong).
But the only theme that carries on in these videos is that they are all racing games. But it is not a series of videos that connect other then the theme.


Sadly that’s enough

Envato is vague regarding “series”:

So basically, this is left to interpretation and what you’re willing/able to argue.

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Seems pretty clear to me. As long as they make no more than 52 webispodes in the next year then the single license is fine.

Yes. But what is an episode? That’s the arguable point.

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If a person is planning in making 20+ videos over the next year, it would be senseless to make 20 completely different videos with no similar theme/idea/situations.
You could feel free to keep an eye on the content uploaded but it’s common to use music in this way.

If you notice a complete lack of relevance between one video and the next (different cast in every video, different show names, different lenghts and themes, completely different subject matter and target audience) then you could argue that the client should have bought different licenses.

I suggest getting a legal answer from Envato Help and Support to be sure everything is correct. If this is indeed illegal, simply DMCA YouTube and they’ll take care of the rest!

But be sure you confirm this with Envato first. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Im contacting Envato now… thanks all for thinking with me and helping out, it really is a vague are and i have no idea what to do with this.


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If you get a useful answer, be sure to post it here, so we all learn something.

I doubt it though. They’ll probably just quote the FAQ on what constitute a series, then tell you that the license is between you and the buyer, Envato playing no part in it.

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Yes, do post their answer, will be interesting to see what they say about this case.

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According to the idea if this is not one video, then he should buy the track several times. There is a famous phrase for a standard license:
Use in one end product, free or commercial In any case post their answer, will be interesting to see what they say about this case. Good luck!

I read Music Licenses, FAQs and Standard License (all were helpful to me)

FAQs said:

ALL things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected

I suppose, if all videos are about the same game, then it’s legal.

I think term “series” should means a historical connection. All episodes in the series must have a single storyline and connected by plot. They are watched one by one, starting from #1 and ending with #20 (Not coincidentally episodes are numbered). So, the series could be a single continuous video, but because of its great length, it’s just divided into episodes. That’s why series considered a single End Product.
Example of series: walkthrough of one game.

It’s only my opinion, may be wrong.
Honestly, I don’t quite understand too. This FAQ clause is slightly ambiguous for me. :thinking:

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