Licence issue for PHP web app

Hello community,
Hope you all are well. I am new to envato marketplace. I want to sell apps on Codecanyon. I have got some questions, if you would answer them, it would be a great help.

  1. If I use a copyrighted HTML template, is it required to include the license file with the app package when submitting it? Or is there anything I need to do to verify I am permitted to use the template? If I use a free template, should I worry about licensing? I have never been with the licensing issue before.
  2. Where should I put HTML template license in the project folder if I need to include it?
  3. For admin panel, is it good to use the AdminLTE template?

Thank you for your time.

Almost certainly you can’t do it with a copyrighted one, and even with a free one you need to be sure you can commercially use it

If it’s a file from themeforest then you need express permission from the author

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What if I use a template outside of themeforest?

Wherever it’s from you need a commercial usage liceinse which is fairly rare or expensive

The ones which are entirely free to use tend not to be up to par for approval here

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Got it. Another question, where should I include the license file when submitting the app in Codecanyon? I mean should it in be the root folder?

Again depends on the source

  • from envato needs the original author to submit a ticket and share the ID

  • outside envato put it in the download folder


Thank you very much.