Use of templates / themes on codecanyon

Please I have these questions ;

  1. If I use any template on envato market, as my Admin page or front page will my product be approved?

  2. Can I resubmit a script that was rejected but I have redesign and make changes to it?

  3. What other things do I need to know about using templates /plug-ins in my projects.

You cannot use another item from envato in an item also for sale here unless you have explicit permission form the original author.

Resubmission is only possible with significant changes and updates, not just cosmetic tweaks

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That means I can’t use a template I bought from envato to design my own script?

Thanks sso much

No you cannot unless you have permission

But I can use free ones right.
And if I want to use the bought one, permission in what way? Am I supposed to include a file or text? Please explain to me

Free ones tend to not be good enough and even then you need to be very clear on commercial licensing

If you partner with an author they need to submit a ticket to envato saying that they give you permission then give you the ID of that ticket which you need to add to your submission

So I just need to link/attribute to the templates I’m using in my documentation or there’s something else I need to do

You need:

  • consent of the original author
  • potentially an extended license to use it
  • the ticket id when they have let envato know you have permission

All these things :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: better to create your own design. Thanks so much @charlie4282