Let's talk about something important :)

How much do you engage your customers after they make a purchase?

I bet you don’t at all, we don’t do it too.

Guess it would be quite important, right? Refunds-wise and similar things.

Like a good “Quick start tutorial” that would engage the customer to start using an item would be awesome? We can learn a lot from game dev guys (how to build successful game titles e.g. relates to this as well). Cheers!

p.s. this is much more than the average “documentation” thingy.


They aren’t your customers, they are Envato’s customers. And you can see this by the lack of access to their data to do anything with it on your own, from financials to marketing/targeting.

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Hi, I understand what you want to say here, but truly it is off topic.

This is more about you and your items performing better.

For instance, you can make an video that engages your customers to go to your forum and get support and possibly more extras, this way you can get what you’ve mentioned and they would be engaged in the process.

Here’s our stats (for the new forum, have like 4k more contacts)