Cart statistics and retargeting

Hi, guys and gals.

I think I already posted this a while ago in a different form. Trough my regular analysis I stumbled a while a go that quite a huge amount of clients add items to cart or do go after the purchase but change there mind in the process and do not complete it. You can somehow follow that to find all the purchasable sources links that appear in your analytics and compare them to sales. Recent stats show that we hade approximately over 700 of those links and from that number only 315 sales in the certain period.

Now my question to envato is there any statistics that you guys have and is anything being done on retargeting or wouldn’t it be nice for us to reach those clients and retarget them.

If you guys are not keen to release emails or an option to connect for example mailchimp so we can do better marketing.
Then either you do it or make a system with which we can do it without revealing emails to us.

I hear a lot of phrases as more control to authors. Now this kind of control is the control we need to better market our products and of course with that bring Envato more $$$

I am realy interesting to see some ideas from fellow authors on how this could be implemented.


My investments in online marketing are basically 0 but I wish I had the skills to do some targeted campaigns via social medias.
I tried to have a look at Fb ads and it seems to be pretty good at targeting but who am I going to target? which are the interests of Envato customers? which niche? which age? Sooo many questions…
Envato should make tutorials for us and teach us some basic marketing principles or why not, even some “secrets” to target potential customers.
I mean, online marketing is a compleatly different world and I would appreciate a lot some help from a company like Envato whose success is based on…online marketing! =)
It’s a win-win situation, you give us infos and resources, we bring more clients in, more sales, and everyone is happy!