Learning about Music


I want to learn music. Please suggest me any site or channel for learning music.


You can’t learn music just like that. When you said to learn music, what do you mean?

There are too many genres, styles of music out there. First need to say “What is my favorite style?” Next need to see some examples, tutorials on youtube. You can also find online courses for purchase.
For example: If you want to learn about cinematic music search on youtube, google like: “cinematic music tutorial”.

Next if you don’t have any music home studio need to learn about hardware, audio cards, etc

Next need to see some music softwares (cubase, logic, etc) and to choose your favorite, maybe try to find a software similar to music you want to learn (in case you want 1-2 style of music to compose).
All music programs can create any style of music, but there are software too close to exactly genres.

In case you don’t find useful tutorials out there, need to do some lessons with real person.
If you know nothing about music, will be a hard trip. Need too patience at the beginning of lessons.

Good luck!


Thanks for your support. I am interested in learning the basics of music like what is rhythm, pitch, loop, cords and to play harmoniun. I am a beginner and want to learn the basics of music. Please advise me.


I compose with cubase software… so here are some links i find for you:


Every channel above have series… So take a look, download a trial version of cubase (no need to be the latest, you 're beginner) to make your lessons, search on google for more details, and i think you will understand the basics.

Other users here compose with different softwares, so maybe to help you more with their posts… Get some ideas first, and find your favorite program to start!


Thank you for the support you have provided to me. I will definitely go to the links and explore them. You are very friendly to me. Thanks again.


No problem! :smirk:


I am from India. Where are you from sir. Can i have your whats app no.


I’m from Greece! If you want to contact me for everything, go to my profile page, and send me an email.


Ok Thank you. Please remember me.