What software should I learn ?

What software should L learn as audiojungle standard ?
I am on windows platform .

Please, advice me .

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What counts is how skilled you are as a composer and producer. The software is secondary and everyone is using their own tools so that there is no AJ standard. Just google DAW software and take it from there. Good luck.

Can you suggest me a good DAW for windows ?

You may use any DAW - pro tools, logic, cubase, fl studio or other to create your music for AJ. All you need is to create high quality arrangment and mixing/mastering.

If you want a Free DAW with professional sound, check out REAPER
There are lots of DAWs, it depends on your budget and taste :slight_smile:

Is REAPER free ? or paid ?
I will go for paid. I will invest for that.

Hey arnabkumar,

If I was starting out now I would probably pick FL studio. Purely because it has the most active community with a lot of new tutorials and a lot of people starting out in the last 5 years use it. I believe it has come a long way since the Fruity Loops version and a lot of music released these days is made on FL.

Once you learned your DAW start concentrating on EQ, Compression and Reverb. For spending money the next most important thing for you would be good monitors and headphones

I have a good system already which is i7 with 16 rams ,
MONITOR - DELL P2214H (21.5")
Have a sennheiser headphone

Anyway , only fl studio ? Is there anything to learn .
Please give me an overall workflow idea if possible.

Yes your system is fine to run a DAW well.
For monitors I mean speakers like studio monitors. The are usually powered/active. Just think that as the same time you are learning all the software and workflow you are also training your ears to listen better, so it is best to have neutral studio monitors.

I use Cubase myself. I never used FL but I have watched the community grow the last few years and that is why I recommended it. The workflow is basically the same with most DAW’s. Just different ways of doing it specific to each one

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Repear is free, that is nice for starters. But if you are going for a paid soft, go for the one with most active community (quoting @AzaTrend ) , that would be FL Studio, Ableton or Logic. IMHO

ActuallyI is looking the best DAW for my windows . I can’t play any real musical instrument as I am 95% Physically Challenged you know. But I know music , I love music that’s why going to in this world.

Reaper is NOT free. Its $60.

Your blog was very interesting Arnab. Fair play to you.

I can only recommend Cubase then as it is the only DAW I have ever used. I have no complaints about it.
What sort of music do you plan on making? For a lot you don’t need to be able to play an instrument. You just have to understand the notes and keys on a keyboard.

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Hey again, just go with whatever DAW looks good to you and suits your budget - there are no real differences in terms of quality as it is all digital anyway. Take the time to learn your tools and develop your own style and most important, have fun :slight_smile:

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I am planning to make some corporate musics.

I use Logic and Pro Tools…Logic for when I am on the go recording MIDI tracks and pro tools when I am home recording more audio based tracks. Sometimes I import all into Logic to mix and master. It is whatever you know best.

Well looking at the prices there it is €549 for latest Cubase and €289 for signature FL. For the €300 you save you could get a good pair of studio monitors with it.

So you recomend me Cubase . Is this will run on widows ?

I’m running version 6 on windows 10 and it works fine. I believe the current version 8.5 works fine too.

ok , thanks…