Working in many styles or finding your niche?


Hi all! How do you think what’s better? What do you prefer?
and also if i don’t understand synthesis should i learn it to be competitive as musician(music producer, not only on AJ) or better to focus on my best sides?


My electronic rock sells much more than others genres that Ive tried. So I suggest you to stick on what you can do best. But randomizing you’re portfolio with other genres is also important.
Synthesis is much easier than it could look when you first time open you’re synth plugin. You just need plugin with good and easy UI or Hardware synth. Also on youtube are a lot of tutorials :slight_smile:


I think finding “your style” is important but if you want to sell a lot you might want to aim for the really popular stuff (at least on AJ).

Regarding synthesis, IMO it’s important to know the basics (ADSR, cut-off etc) so that you can edit presets to fit your needs but there are so many sounds out there that it’s not a must to actually make sounds from scratch. If you really are serious about it you should check out a program called Syntorial. It will help you learn what all the knobs do and will help train your ear so that you can create the kinds of sounds you are hearing in your head.


I try to practice the Bruce Lee STYLE OF NO STYLE technique! Hope it works…


Thanks!Your tracks sond awesome!
Can you advice one VST synth to start from?


Thanks!Thank you for Syntorial!


I seen this interview)Thanks for advice!
P.S. Bruce was the man!