Before I click submit... Are the feels too varied in this track?

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So how much contrast can you get away with in a track before it becomes an issue on AJ? I have a rock track that I’m working on to submit hopefully later this week, the beginning is very synthish, but the middle section is very heavy guitarish before returning to the synthish vibe. This is the hardest thing to figure out is how to build some drama without making it unusable. Or is building drama not what we’re looking for? :slight_smile:

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I really like that mix between rock guitars and those calm synths. The melody in the chorus/climax pushes the song a lot. I hope AJ will take it because its a different, intersting style. Iam afraid i cant say more than that. This my second week on AJ so i cant say how they see this. But in my opinion it works fine!

Thanks so much! Hopefully when the transitions get finished up that’ll help smooth it out too, plus it’s a little overcompressed in that part right now.

Be sure to post again when you tweak your track, I’d like to hear it!

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Shure, i will let you know. And good luck with your track!

In my opinion, the middle section is too much of a character shift to make this commercially viable. In fact, the end of that section gets a little shrill and will be a distraction from whatever video or audio it is backing. In addition, button endings are usually preferred over fade outs. If the user needs a fade out, they will add it at the appropriate point.

In my opinion, your arrangement needs some work. The composition is pretty nice, but each part plays a single role and stays in that role. Let each part have some variation for section to section. Your bass part maintains essentially the same rhythm throughout. Change this up. Same with your electric piano. Pass the parts around the instruments. let each have a shot at the melody if possible (sometimes it doesn’t make sense for bass to play the melody, but you can still change things up rhythmically).

Also, I think this track begs for some auxiliary percussion. You could use it to add to the changes in the arrangement. Our ears like to hear new elements every so often. Hand percussion is a really good vehicle for making this happen.


Thank you for your advice, it is very, very, very helpful! And yes, there’s quite a bit wrong with that track , but I figured there was no point in polishing it up until I found out if the contrast was too much and you have very eloquently answered that question!

Actually, making variations sounds like a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to retooling it in that way. Fact is, do authors ever post links to end use examples of their tracks? That would be very helpful to hear the original composition against the adaptation.

Again, very much appreciate the help. I uploaded one track that was rejected so I’m trying to understand the mindset before submitting another one so as to not waste the reviewers’ (and ultimately the other authors’) time by clogging up the works with irrelevant submissions.



My experience is that, in most cases, the user is either playing it from start to finish, from a specific section to finish, or is just using a section or two, actually creating heir own version of a 30 or 60 second edit.

Usually, as a user, I am looking for something that best supports what I am trying to say or sell. That usually requires one style, with one theme. If I wanted to go in a different direction, I would probably want a different track altogether.

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don’t push the limiter so much, I had to lower my volume to listen to his. Too crowded mix, many instruments. Mix is problematic, bass is not fitting this style and its too loud, also whats that ending? Did you submit it like this?


Kay, how about this one?

By the way, the original track hovers around -10 LUFS, and I knocked 4 db off for this demo because SoundCloud obviously does something to the levels. Believe me, I don’t like loud music and would never punch it on purpose like that!



Think I’m going to thin out the piano for the first verse and change the snare for starters.

Hi, the track has certainly potential imo. Ande the idea is great. What do you think about these changes?: start the track from 1:00 and cut the previous part. Make a break at least at 1:00 after that, in the way you end the track. Maybe add some instrument in the second part to make it less repeating, because the theme is very busy.
The Best!

Good morning,

Thanks! Yes, the piano is definitely too busy! Amazing what a good night’s sleep will do to the ears! I’ll give your suggestions a try.


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