Try to create a niche first ?

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

I have a question for you ! What is the most important during the first years of composing stock music? (I’m trying since 6/7 months)

Should I create a niche when I start composing for stock music or should I try to diversify me as quickly as possible?

My style is clearly 80’s vibes, like Synthwave, Chillwave , Ambient and I know that is not really the main need for customers, but if I start right now to try to diversify my music style, I’m scare to feel “lost” and to have not enough impact on the market !
What do you think about it ?

Thank you very much !

Whish you all the best :slight_smile:


I would definitely start with the genres you are most comfortable with and then later expand with diversifying. I heard rumours about that Ambient can sell well. So you might wan´t to start there. But I don´t see anything wrong starting with more “niche” genres either. Just make sure its great tracks you are submitting and that you have clear descriptions for what use you imagine for the tracks. Follow what makes you excited and go from there.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for you answer, it fit well with my vision.

I need to focus on my “strength” first , then with all my knowledge earn with all of this work, try to take risk and explore my “weakness” and try to make a mix of the twice !

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I’ve been creating stock music for a couple of months also. I could explore a rock, ambient, acoustic, electronic or hip hop niche but I think in the long run getting better at the most genres I can will be better for me and will let my music be in more projects.

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Thank you for your answer ! I’m agree with you , and you have more success on AJ than me, for almost the same “time spending” on stock music ! (I’m not only on Aj). It’s a great exemple of the benefit to try something different… But it seems like you have more experience in mixing / production work than me !


It really depends. I’d say first work in the genre you like the most and then try to diversify. I was only making hip hop beats (hip hop beats for artists I mean, not the kind of “Hip hop” you see on stock music library which differs a lot) but then I’ve tried to get into stock music and that helped me diversify my portfolio while teaching me new ways of producing music which I can use in my main genre as well now :slight_smile:

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Yes you’re right ! I tried to make some corporates tracks , and by surprise I made 1 or 2 sales with this kinds of stuff (and believe me it was not really good ) By this work I learned , step by step, how to work on my vst piano, try to add some basics guitar etc

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I was listening to you tracks and they are really good. Try to put a more energetic and uplifting vibe to your tracks. I know the style is “chill” but there is room for more energy. Uplifting music tends to sell more


Thank you ! On Aj my portfolio is very small, I had many and many rejection here… but on other website I have around 50- 60 tracks !
You give me motivation to try something different and actually, I made a track in Hip Hop / Ambient style, very new for me …

Go for synthwave! It’s a trendy genre right now that not many authors have dabbled in. There are some decent sales across the board for those that tried it though. Obviously you’ll want to have a crack at the popular styles like corporate, but if your heart sings when you’re making retrowave, that should be your go-to choice. Otherwise, if you’re not making the music that you like, you will burn out.


Thank you very much, your words summarize pretty well my state of mind, but I was ready to make some compromises to adapt my music to the market. I’m going to explore other styles, but actually, the synthwave is the style that I like the most and enjoy composing. While when I try something different, I feel at the same time limited but also a little forced to do it. But I recognize that the exercise is interesting in itself … I will continue my work of progression and thanks for all advices you gave !

+1 for synthwave!


totally agree with this!
And yes, Synthwave is nice, and not that common here on AJ, so go for it!

yes, in fact this is my position today: stock music is for me a way to try new things and produce in genres I had never dared to touch before (Folk, Romantic piano or… halloween music :))

Hello Friend! Sintvave and ambient. This is a good base to start. Such music as in the series “Stranger Things” is all inspired by the 80s. Return to the roots is now relevant. Only you need to increase your level as a music author. Decorate your music, make it more juicy and atmospheric. This comes with experience) Good luck!

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Thank you for your feedback @Bright_Light ! And of course after 7 months my work is not finished ! It’s only the begin for me as Stock musician / composer / producer. So you’re totally right and I’m ready to work hard to improve my music!

I will add that it is also important for me not to put too much pressure on my progress, I think it’s counterproductive, you have to experiment, sometimes to make mistakes, as long as the goal of evolving is present I think it’s a good state of mind.