Advices for beginners?

Hi. Regarding the audiojungle, can you guys please share some useful tips for a beginner like me? I’m sure it has been discussed many times but yet i can’t find what i’m looking for.

  1. How many of you ,authors on audiojungle, know how to play an instrument ? i mean is this really necessary in order to be a successful author here?

  2. Is the FL Studio good to start with or is too complicated? If so can you please name another one for beginners ?


Hey Ema_N

  1. Obviously it would help to play an instrument. It depends on the music style you plan to make. If you are going to try make Jazz songs for instance it would be difficult not knowing an instrument. If you are making Techno or something it would help to at least understand keys and what notes are on the keyboard.

  2. I would stick with FL if you have started with it as it seems to be one of the main DAWs used these days. Eventually you will have to learn a full DAW so you might as well get used to one to begin with. It think especially with FL there are a lot of youtube tutorials available. Don’t be daunted because it’s a full program. The basics will still be the same in most DAW’s.

Starting out you will be mostly concentrating on learning the songwriting part but be aware that to get those songs up to quality you will have to learn about how to get a good sound and mix. Start looking at tutorials on - gain staging, EQ, compression and Reverb.

All the best

Hi Ema,

welcome to the jungle! :v:

  1. I play many different instruments for a long time though I fear it’s not indispensable to create music by playing an instrument these days. I was amazed when I read that some authors here are quite successful by just using the mouse. :wink:
    Anyway it definitely can’t hurt when you’re able to play an instrument. Especially keyboards which is the best tool to play your VIs. It’s very important that you know ‘how’ different instruments are played in real, how they work together, and how to mix them. At the end it’s always just the ears which decide ‘yes or no’, whereever the frequences are coming from. :slightly_smiling:

Very important for RFM is always to remember that the piece of music you’re working on is not made to be enjoyable just by itself. You’re working on a piece of a puzzle.
Once you put it on pictures, a voice or both, it will act quite different. So, be careful of how much action and changes you do in your music. Often times it’s really adding by subtracting.

Here are some good examples of how our music works on movies.

2 . I only know Cubase, After I started with C-Lab/Supertrack on a C64 I switched over to the very first version of Cubase on a Atari. Since Cubase never got outdated I kept using it til today and am happy with it.
After all I read so far I think that nearly every DAW of today is doing a very good job. No matter if it’s Cubase, Logic, FL … Could be crucial for the kind of music you wanna make. That’s what I don’t know.

I hope I could help a little bit. I wish you a good start! :four_leaf_clover:

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  1. Playing an instrument at AJ would probably be a handicap.

  2. Anything as simple as possible would be good. Basic is good.

  1. haha :joy: you are so right. Often times I thought the same.

I think the most difficult is composing. I know a lot of people who play their instrument like a virtuoso, but that can’t even make a basic song with a simple melody.

I also use Cubase, I’m used to it for working with midi instruments. But, as UJ-Pro says, it’s not so important which DAW you use (also check out Reaper, it’s free), it’s how well you know it.

hi, i do nto belong to AJ but i guess it works the same way for all marketplaces anyway that is why is advice u to offer as good a work as possible to find a niche if possible, then to upload very often as often as u can and try to get through reviewing so that u can get noticed , after that promote your items as much as u can and use all kinds of networks , anything that u can possibly benefit use it nothing is superfluous … i wish u good luck for your run in envato’s world

Learn how to compose/perform with delayed palm muted (flageolet) electric guitars. You will succeed here with this for sure. It’s all you need :slight_smile:

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