Latest Avada Update has crashed everything


Just updated to Avada. Now nothing works. Contact form gives errors and has changed all pages. Nightmare…Be careful if you upgrade


Hello Tony :slight_smile:

Please be sure you update both the theme and the fusion core plugin. Also clear your browser cache and plugin cache if you are using it. And try to reupload the theme, what you described could be due to missing files.

If all pages changed then we’re pretty certain it is one of the above items, that is absolutely abnormal.

There is a current known issue with certain hosts that have shared servers and it all deals with low PHP configs. Even though we had 75+ beta testers, not one of them came across this issue. Nevertheless we have pinpointed the issue and are already working on the fix to be updated in the next 10-12 hours. But the issues you described do not correspond with what we have found so please check those above items :slight_smile:

In addition, our team will gladly take a look for you if you can signup and submit a ticket:



OK cleared cache both browser and plug in. Reloaded Avada. Download wordpress yesterday was Version 3.8.1.
I have now loaded version 3.8.2
Now my Contact for is still not working and was working perfectly well before either of the updates. My pages have had some of their customisation moved but I’m guessing this is because Avada has changed the way it reads custom.css.

Keep getting message check all fields are entered properly, which they are


why don’t you "signup and submit a ticket: "? :wink:


I now have.

However it is sometimes more beneficial to add here the problems in case others encounter same things and give feedback to solutions provided. Basically what a forum is for. However thank you