Avada LIVE Not working

Can not edit text and update images using AVADA LIVE.

Please note that we have already a cleared website page cache and fusion caches. Avada Status does not show any ERROR. All plugins are up-to-date.

Please let us know How to Solve this issue?

Thank you.


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemeFusion_Support @ThemeFusion hope they will helped!

Did you try to enable the debug mode on WordPress to see if you get any error that helps you understand what is causing the issue, also, check that your PHP settings are the correct ones to run the Avada theme?

These are the requirement of PHP that Avada requires to run correctly: Requirements For Avada - ThemeFusion | Avada Website Builder

Hi I am also facing the same issues… could you please help us to resolve this

You can contact author.

The want me to buy an Support-Renewal for $49 to be able to tell them there is a bug in their software.
Interesting business-modell not only need to pay for the license but also 100,- € per year to be able to use their software - if they even manage to fix that bug.
never avada anymore

Hi there

To clarify: Support renewal is mandated by Envato, and it applies to all themes on Themeforest. If you want to complain, you can contact them directly > Contact Envato Support | Find an Envato Service

Right now, Avada is version 7.11.7, and no patches have been released because there is nothing to patch. Likewise, our official support channel has zero reports of issues with the live editor.

If you choose not to renew support, that is fine, and you can contact us directly here > Contact – Avada Website Builder

Lastly, to address this statement:

“but also 100,- € per year to be able to use their software” [SIC] - This is false. No themes on Themforest operate a subscription model as is alluded to in your comment. Updates are free for life, and so is the theme’s use once purchased.

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