Avada 503 Service Unavailable

is there any major problem with avada recently?

I think its a problem between avada and wordpress, because the slightest change like favicon or site name or change logo can cause 503. Only works with woocommerce deactivated. I used my backup 50 times today, site works good if i dont change anything :)) but i cant use that old version. Or i can make changes if i keep woocommerce disabled else i get 503 error meaning cpu is 100% and the server stops after some time.

sadly my avada support has expired and i will search web before giving them 50$ to renew it.

If you have any idea i will say thx!

You can enable WP_DEBUG and see what’s the main problem, then you could provide a solution but 100% is related to server, probably you will need to change the memory limit, 1024M or higher.

If it doesn’t work, you can still ask questions to the author, they may offer some suggestions even though you don’t have active support