Upgraded and fusion builder doesn’t work. It is only the stock WP editor and in the body can only see a bunch of code above all the text that should be there.

Upgraded php, wp and avada.

How do I fix this???


Hope this Documentation will help you. Otherwise please contact theme Author Avada Author Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.


Can this prevent fusion builder from working?

wp_remote_post() failed. Some theme features may not work. Please contact your hosting provider and make sure that https://envato.com/ is not blocked.

How do I fix this? My server company said you use cloudfare and don’t have a fixed ip or something. How can this be resolved?

As @mgscoder suggested it would be best to reach out to the author’s support.

Given that this is one of the biggest WP themes in history and that @ThemeFusion / @ThemeFusion_Support are outstandingly highly respected authors, it does seem unlikley that there would be anything out of the oridinary or which cannot be fixed fairly easily.


Why don’t you just tell me what to look for because since it is one of the biggest WP themes in history, you would have a lot of experience that would tell you how to tell me how to solve the problem.

Because forums are not meant for theme specific support, hence why authors often have their own process that needs to be followed e.g.

  • everyone in the forums are buyers/authors just like you

  • the author has their own dedicated support channels where their team are experts and best placed to help.

  • there are several questions relating to the update, WP installation and hosting, which could be causing problems and is information that you would not want to be sharing on a public forum.

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