Mobile website all messed up after latest update of Avada theme

Need some help. I don’t know how to solve this issue. My mobile site renders terribly after the latest update of Avada on WordPress. My site is

Status report says:
wp_remote_post() failed. Some theme features may not work. Please contact your hosting provider and make sure that is not blocked.

I checked with my host, and they said nothing is blocked or incorrect on their end.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried asking on their support forums? Here is Avada’s support information -

Hope that helps :smiley:

Check PHP version on your hosting maybe they have old version. Disable all plugins on site. And if you have support open ticket.

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Unfortunately my support has expired. Might be wise to buy more.

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I tried updating the PHP but that caused other elements to break. :frowning: Feel stuck.

Return back PHP . I cant tell anything from first side . I need to login. You can send me on PM login details.

Thanks Zaccc! Just updated PHP and it didn’t break anything. Not sure why it did before. But it didn’t solve the mobile issues.

What would you need access to in order to help?

Yes, I can only setup from backend site not front end.