Last 3 Months Sales


I thought my sales will increase after August but it didn’t. For me, there is no difference from August sales. How was yours?


hi JingleFarm, well indeed it looks like that sales are varying greatly from one day to the other for most of us …so i guess that is somehow some way the same as far as months go lol


The summer was literally awful for me. I didn’t expect that after becoming a featured author things could get this bad. But during the last three months I’ve experienced a great improvement over what my sales used to be.


I’d say you’re doing quite well there, JingleFarm! It appears the end of this year hasn’t been as strong as last years (according to past stats), but having said that, it’s by no means a bad year. Keep uploading quality tracks and you’ll certainly see a rise in sales. It’s not a sprint, but a marathon :wink:


there are different times in a year buddy, depending on what u do produce, u have ups and downs , that’s something that u’ll experience anyway, more or less and i hope for you as less as u can , but that’s a fact some period are favorable to sales and some others are not, the most important thing is that u keep working hard and keep offering good stuff :wink: as for the featured item , well , i would like to say that as a trending item, it may not hurt but indeed, u have no real guarantee on what it brings to the table …but uploading often great quality items brings guaranties indeed


Thanks a lot! I didn’t mean I had a featured item, it was just a featured author of the week, and before and after that things were improving constantly, but the summer was such a drop, despite the items that I uploaded, it was almost like my life after I graduated from the university :Р


oh sorry , i did not get it but in any case, that’s a bit the same, indeed all this is about some additional exposure and it doesnt’ hurt, now this is not making u sell 10 times more than before lol