Kreativa ThemeForest with 5.5.1 WP compatibility

Dear all,

Since the 5.5.1 update, my site do not work anymore. I mean, nothing works properly (menu, carrusel, customisation, save, publication, etc…)
The theme seems not compatible at all with this new version.

I try to see trough this forum if someone encouter the same issues but saw only one post.

Wanted to contact the support but licence seems expired. Like i said, i do not need support, I only need my purchased product to work properly, like before WP updare.

I have to says, before updating my WP, i checked the compatibility on website and it CLEARY sais that the theme is compatible with the new 5.5.1 WP version. Which is not.

So please, if someone can assist me or simply give me a quick feedback on this issue.

Many Thanks in advance. Regards.


Contact with your purchase item author @imaginem right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

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Thank you very much !