Compatibility Issue with Themeforest Theme on WordPress 5.9

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a theme from Themeforest and installed it on my WordPress website. However, after updating WordPress to version 5.9, I’ve encountered compatibility issues with the theme. Certain features seem to be malfunctioning, and some elements are not displaying correctly.

Here are the specific problems I’m facing:

  1. The homepage slider is not loading properly, and images appear distorted.
  2. The contact form on the contact page is not functional; submissions are not being received.
  3. The mobile menu is not responsive and behaves erratically on smaller screens.

I’ve tried the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Deactivating all plugins to check for conflicts.
  • Switching to a default WordPress theme (Twenty Twenty-Four) to see if the issue persists (it doesn’t).
  • Clearing the website cache and browser cache.
  • Contacting the theme author via their support channel but haven’t received a response yet.

Has anyone else encountered similar compatibility issues with Themeforest themes after updating to WordPress 5.9? Are there any specific fixes or workarounds you’ve discovered to address these issues?
Here is the URL:
Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What theme is it?

Is there a reason to be updating to a version of WP that’s almost 2 years out of date? We’re on 6.4.1 now.

The current available WordPress version is 6.4, if you’re updating the WordPress to 5.9 and having issues, it’s most likely PHP or theme compatibility issues and I’m guessing the theme you are using either out-dated or you would need to update the theme as well.