Kontakt Libraries!

Looking to buy some more Kontakt Libraries, I currently own Giant and Funk Guitarist and I want to add some more instruments but unsure what to get. I would like some orchestral sounds and maybe some brass, but I would also like to hear about any other cool ones that people have tried and tested?


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If you own the full version of Kontakt I can recommend the Spitfire Lab instruments. Great instruments for a small donation to Unicef!
LASS is a favourite of mine for strings and also all the Sample Modeling instruments for solo brass and woodwind.
Edit: forgot to mention Piano in Blue and Acoustic Bass Premier.

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Get the Kontakt Factory Library if you can. Lots of great, very usable stuff in there, especially in the strings and brass department.
I like the new piano libraries they dropped last year (Maverick, Grandeur).

Honestly, I’d recommend just grabbing a used copy of KOMPLETE 8 or 9 off eBay if you can find it. I got Komplete 8 for $200 a couple years ago, upgraded to 9 during the summer sale last year for $100, and just made the jump to 10Ult this year, all for way less than buying 10Ult outright. The synths and effects that come with KOMPLETE are just incredible (90% of my tracks are just Massive and Guitar Rig).

For orchestral sounds I can recommend Spitfire’s Albion which is on a closeout sale until the end of the month I believe?

I just picked it up - the orchestral strings, brass and woodwind groups sound amazing and it also comes with a great selection of synth style pads made from the orchestral samples.

Compared to my 8DIO string libraries it is also much easier on my CPU.

Hello ! This summer I upgraded my Komplete 7 to Komplete 10 Ultimate by summer sale … about 450 $ with shipping to Russia but… it’s just ALL THAT YOU NEED… Very reccomend this upgrade !

+1 on getting Komplete (Ultimate)

Check out Embertone - Friedlander Violin. And i also agree with people who bought Spitfire’s stuff! It is so great!

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+1 on LASS strings for Kontakt!

wicked these are all great! nice one!

Can somebody advise libraries for corporate music? Especially interested in sounds of guitar harmonics.

Hi @soundbay this is what @S_DKG is talking about. Check out Wavesfactory

8dio has some really good strings. Check them out.

Yes! I’ve got it. But is there any more libraries for corporate?)

If You can afford, I’d recommend Orbit if you like to play with some unusual sounds :slight_smile:

Invest in the Native Instruments Ultimate bundle - I have Ultimate 9 and it’s very useful - tons of great sounds and samples… - for orchestral sounds ProjectSAM has Orchestra Essentials 1 & 2 - won’t break the bank but gives you a good overall mix of instrumentation. Albion is great too, yet I think Spitfire is getting ready to retire that library… Just be careful - buying sample libraries can become addictive… Good luck!

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So the NI Funk Gutarist, can you use it as you intended to be? this library is to hard to arrange in compositions for me.

Hi ! About NI Funk Gutarist… I use it quite often, but usually make grooves by myself… then Eq, Compression, saturation and let’s go ! :slight_smile: Love It !

funk guitarist works nice for rhythm sections but I don’t use it that often anymore. Nothing beats recording guitars anyways but for adding in subtle riffs it’s not bad

I know that my style is very different from yours, but here’s a list of some libraries i love and use them o lot of times
Maybe you could get something out of it too :wink:

Cinesamples - Drums of War 2
Hybrid Two - Project Alpha & Project Bravo (Bravo is better tho)
Native Instruments - Drum Lab
Native Instruments - Action Strings
ProjectSAM - Lumina
Sample Logic - Arpology
Spitfire Audio - Albion II & III
8Dio - Adagietto

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I’l check them out, thanks! just got Albion volume 1 and I must say I’m impressed with the samples and choice of mic levels. I’m working on a new track using it and it sounds great in the mix!