Bare-Bones Plug ins for Audio Production.

Hi Everybody,

Looking to up my sound game by investing in better sounds. I use FL Studio 20 and have a few of thier plug ins but I lack any strummed guitar or decent strings.

Can anybody recommend a good software bundle that I could get that would get me rolling and not break the bank?

I’m looking at Kontakt Komplete and Omnisphere but I don’t want to blow a huge wade on stuff I don’t need you know?

Any thoughts?


I think kontakt is crucial for making music these days. For EDM stuffs, serum is a great synth to work with.

1+ for Native Instruments Komplete. I bought Komplete 11 a few months ago as Komplete 12 was due to come out so it was at a decent discount. Honestly, I use it for pretty much everything now. Some of the included effects are also a step up from the Logic stock plugs I was using before. If you look around you may still be able to get Komplete 11 somewhere at discount price.

Kontakt, Omnisphere, Serum, Massive and Nexus are probably the most commonly used VSTs here and are all good choices, depending on what type of music you’re wanting to produce.

Komplete is a fantastic investment and should be your first priority. I’d say a good 95%+ of tracks here will have used at least 1 instrument from Komplete. The amount of quality content you’re getting is incredible for the price.

Omnisphere would be my second top recommendation. There’s a myriad of different sounds included, spanning far beyond the synth realm with hybrid sounds and sampled instruments.

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