Komplete Ultimate vs Buying a lot of stuff separately

Hey Folks! Curious as to how many of you have the Komplete Ultimate bundle and how much you like it verses those of you who bought separate libraries etc…

I mainly do hard rock/folk/guitar driven production, but i’d love to start working on some different styles and bringing some more strings and orchestral based arrangement into my productions. Also I have a fairly limited number of plugs (i typically use stock reaper for most everything) so I could definitely use some more “high-end” plugins. Komplete seems like a great way to go in some respects, but it also seems like a huge amount of money that I could use to buy some different plugs & libraries…


If you want to explore new genres, Komplete Ultimate would be best choice for you in my opinion. Even if you will not use most of libraries. It’s just very inspiring, that one product gives so many possibilities and shows many different styles of musical thinking, sampling and programming.

Of course after some time you will need to buy better other vst’s and libraries, but it will be after some time, when you will learn what you really want :slight_smile:


cool thanks! Man after 25 years of playing, a couple of music degrees, some real good (and bad) bands, and thousands of dollars later… if i haven’t figured out what I really want by now, I don’t think it’s gonna happen! :slight_smile:

But you will know what you really want to… buy :smiley:

I’d say the same. Komplete was one of the best purchases I’ve made for writing library music.


Komplete (and later upgrading to Ultimate) has been one of the best purchases I ever made as a producer. No regrets whatsoever. It’s simply a steal for the sheer amount of quality content you get.


I will echo the others here and say that Komplete Ultimate is great value. Native instruments usually have a summer sale, as well as a Black friday and Christmas sale and I got Komplete U for 50% in one of those sales.
In addition to a lot of great libraries you get the full version of Kontakt. That is a must have if you haven’t got it already as most of the best libraries (in my opinion) need full Kontakt.

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