need better sounds for productions

Hey everyone. Unfortunately the plugins from native instruments komplete are not doing it for me. Aparantly they sound like their coming from an old dusty keyboard! Just wondering what others are using. I do not play any other instruments other than keyboard.


NI have soooo many plugins. Maybe u use an old programm? Which sounds do u need?

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Well, i think you got me wrong :slightly_smiling:
In your previous thread i didn’t mean your sounds are bad initially, i meant you need to work with it a little bit more, try to make it more organic and realistic, work with reverbs, delays, dynamics, layering etc. NI stuff are very good.


Hi, you can achieve great things with NI komplete. As @Enrize said, try to use EQ, Comp, reverb, etc.
Most of the times you need to work the sounds, like when you are mixing real instruments. :slight_smile:


Hey @josh10
It’s just a matter of taste…

Check some products and how they sound:

- EZKeys Grand Piano - Steinway Piano 1928 - Steinway Grand Piano 1968 (Model D) - Pianoteq 5
Cheers, Georgio ;)

P.S. And don’t forget every, well almost every crappy instrument can sound right and inspiring it’s just a matter how you use it or redesign.

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Thanks for clarifying, I will definitely play around with them!

So, i work in Ableton Live and i often use them grand piano from ableton pack. Its sound pretty good. =)
Also i often use NI =)

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I actually have a ton of sounds. All the ones I need, I bought komplete by native instruments a year or 2 ago and I love it…by the sounds of it I need to tinker with some. Thanks man