i need feedback, pls

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Piano as a midi & have many delays (this bad) , need balance , percussion sounds like not natural . But I like this composition .

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Agreed with @WildLion_Production. Piano and percussion are a little bit midi-like… need add more layers with pianos and percussion. Composition is great! Keep up!

Overall idea for the melody is very good, but some sounds need to be improved, maybe try to add some reverb on all layers (on master channel) and play with it, and don’t touch single layer effects.

Thank you very much for all.
I will evaluate all reviews:) @MarcinKlosowski @NisusPrideMusic @WildLion_Production

Hey, I think that you should to cut everything from the beginning to 44 second, because that part have to many troubles, and sounds like another track. And after that, everything good, but you must to do something with strings - they sounds very plastic and not natural, you should to try to change velocities of them, it will help to get some dynamic and of course you need to add reverb on your strings. And I think reviewer will accept this track. And I want to add from myself - you need more better sounds, Logic Pro X has very good library, and just try to get some popular libraries that you’ll like for kontakt 5. Sorry for my English, I hope only that my feedback will be useful for you!

Regards, D-MUSIC Studio

thank you for all feedbacks…Regards…