Best Piano Plugin


Hey guys

I want to buy a really good sounding Piano, what do you recommend, and why is it your go to plugin?

Thank you


I really-really-really like the cinematic studio piano it just sounds so amazing. It’s for kontakt :slight_smile:


Hi there !!! I used the plugins native instruments , and Alicia keys ,
now I started to use nord stage 2 , there is a very good piano that’s why I use it and !!!


Thank you!
I already have Komplete 10 Ultimate, so I have Alicia’s Keys, I also like the Grandeur, but I’m looking for something better, I’ll have a look at the ones you guys have mentioned :+1:t3:


that’s why when I was looking for better plugins, I found the best sound is in the working station Nord Sage 2 !!!


Can you use it in Kontact?


this is nord stage 2 ! no I don’t use it through kontakt , and through external midi input )))

or Cinematic Studio Piano is very good )))


Cinematic Studio Piano is very good. I also like HZ Piano from Spitfire Audio.


Sounds beautiful, but I am after software rather than hardware :-/


I’ll check these out dude, thank you


Cinesamples Piano In Blue is my favourite, but I also find plenty of use for the Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys. The brand new Wavesfactory Mercury piano sounds good, I haven’t bought it but I was impressed by the demo.


You are very welcome, i should tell you: HZ Piano is quite expensive. :smiley:


I’ll check them dude :+1:t3:


It’s okay, I want quality plugins so I’m willing to spend the money :+1:t3:


I use composer cloud East West, This is a new piano any opinions?


I think MErcury sounds very impressive on the demo


I’ve just purchased Wavesfactory Mercury, downloading now, will let you know what I think!

Other than that, I love the NI piano collection, and even toontrack ezkeys for quick staple sounds. Depends what you’re after for any given track.


I often use Soundiron Emotional piano - mainly for the softer more emotive tracks. Its more affordable and its less memory intensive! Just another option…


My go to piano is Galaxy Vintage D. It sounds amazing and not too expansive. Check demos:

Good Luck. ))


I use Pianoteq ( you can download a demo) among many other pianos. It depends on the project.