Piano VST



I haven’t been keeping up with the latest and greatest. Without breaking the bank, has a new, must have acoustic piano been released recently? I currently use Studio One, Presence native piano and PMI Old Lady Grand.
Thanks in advance


i use kontakt piano Alicia’s Keys and i love it for AJ purposes…

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Ravenscroft 275 by VI Labs is really good!


Thank you, trinitystudiosru and JohnRosso. I’ll check out those pianos.


is it free?


no, 199. But you can get it with educational discount which is great!


I’ve made a few, ahem, budget pianos libraries.

Otherwise, for AJ stuff I usually use the Imperfect Samples Ebony Grand - great tone for the type of music made here. Just great all-around tone!


Fazioly Rulez.


Hi, I use Native Instruments - The Maverick, Addictive Keys and sometimes EZ keys, each of them is nice for different things for me.


Nothing recent and groundbreaking ‘must have’ sound out there that I know of, but it looks like you got some solid sounds in your ‘go to’ list.
Check out Cinesamples ‘Piano in Blue’, and maybe NI’s ‘The Gentleman’ and ‘The Giant’ for some nice upright sounds.


Thanks for the replies. I will definitely check out these recommendations. You can never have too many pianos. :slight_smile: