I've made a ukulele sample library!

Very happy to announce that I’ve created my first Kontakt sample library. It’s a tenor ukulele and is now available at www.sampleism.com

I had a lot of fun making this instrument. I live on a noisy road, so I had to get up early to record the samples, before the traffic started. I know virtually nothing about scripting either, but YouTube came to my aid, along with some helpful folks over at VI Control, including the legendary Evil Dragon!

I hope I’ve created a characterful sounding Kontakt instrument. It’s sampled from a Mainland Classic Mahogany tenor ukulele, which I’ve used on quite a few AudioJungle tracks. It’s a beautiful ukulele, and can go from delicate harp-like tones to snappy plucks.

My Tenor Uke Kontakt instrument features four separate instruments, Main, Rain, Bass and Perc. You could make a whole track using only these instruments. Which is what I did here:


All four instruments share a common UI, which includes a tone control for extra sparkle, reverb with a preset menu and a simple Attack/Release envelope to tweak your sound. There’s also a ‘magic’ control on Tenor Uke Rain.

If you have a spare few minutes why not check it out.

Best wishes to all at AudioJungle.


Sounds really nice! Congrats!


Coool Sound dude !!! Nice work !!!

sounds cool and low price! awesome! =)

Thanks guys. Glad you like the sound. It was a project that started off as me just sampling one articulation (a very soft gliss where I brushed the string with my thumb like a harpist might) then I thought why stop there so I sampled some other articulations. Then I thought why not make an instrument? So I learned about scripting for Kontakt (a bit) and I went on from there. I’ll be interested to see if anything comes of it but it was fun and I learned a lot. Happy trails now!

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Happy to report I’ve had my first sale. The buyer wants it for a children’s album he’s working on. Super cool. Made my day.

Sounds great!
I really liked the video demonstration of a library!
Is it good at strumming?

Hi CycleProduction. Glad you like the demo. Thanks. I haven’t scripted any strumming function into the Tenor Uke. I know that Logic has a strum script under Midi FX and it would be a good experiment to see how that sounds. At the lowest velocity I have a gliss articulation where I brush my thumb across the string. Might work well for strumming, I’m not sure. Can’t believe it would sound as good as actually strumming a ukelele but low in a mix… I don’t know. I might well experiment with this and post the results if it sounds good, so thanks for the question.

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Great sound sir! Very impressive that it’s your first sample instrument. The rain samples are awesome!! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Cool!! Sounds great.


Really cool! Sounds natural!

Hi SmartSounds, thanks a lot. I tried to make it sound delicate and real, so I’m pleased to hear you think it sounds natural. Happy to report I’ve actually sold three copies of it over at Sampleism. From tiny acorns…