Know more about codecanyon after submitting my file

I just wanted to know more about codecanyon after submitting my plugin…

My questions are below

  1. How i need to provide the plugin update for existing plugin users ?
  2. Do i need to submit the latest version plugin to codecanyon ?
  3. Will the update release will be reviewed by codecanyon.?
  4. If i need to change the banner & icon of my plugin. it requires reviews approval ?
  5. is there any good cloud based support system which integrates envato api other than ?
  1. you just update the file in your dashboard on CC
  2. yes you submit the update again to CC
  3. yes it will be reviewed and checked but not necessarily to the extent of the original submission
  4. Just for the item page? Probably not
  5. Not 10% sure on this one


Thanks for your fast reply :smile:
i have another question.

i have 2 plugins for example.

  1. Hello World (Hosted As Free on
  2. Hello World Pro (Hosted in CC as paid)

can i make my paid plugin to require the free plugin hosted on to use the paid plugin ?

I mean can i create a plugin for a free plugin hosted on ?

Do you own the free version?

You might need to check with envato on this one but 100% you need to own the free version (or at least have very solid written permission agreement with the author and even then I am not 100% you would be allowed to do it).


I i own my free and paid version.
i am not using other author plugins.
its my own

You are just including the ‘Free functionality’ to the premium version right. i.e. 1 plugin not 2?

i’d still double check with envato but should be ok.

I am extending Plugin 1 with more functions as plugin 2.

Actually what i want is.i just wanted to manage only 1 plugin core. not 2.

so i am asking. can i submit my paid plugin which is extend without core of base plugin. ?