How to publish my wordpress plugins and wordpress android app on codecanyon?

Hello Envato,

we have upload many times our wordpress plugins here. but every time you have reject our wordpress plugin. But that plugins are working well on all wordpress theme and version.
We also sell thos plugin from our website and no one client has complaint about our plugin and apps. So please any one help us about codecanyon, how to upload our webview android app source code with many features. and wordpress plugins.
Because we are not understand where our code was wrong. and our all clients are happy with using plugins and apps.

So if any one know about that issue then please help us then we will upload our all products here and earn much more. because codecaynon its really big platform for any developers.

Please help us.



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

How does CodeCanyon work?

Getting Started


Thanks @unlockdesign,

we already follow those steps but every time plugins are rejected, And we uploaded our same wordpress plugins and webview app on “” they have already live our all products. So its really we are not understand about that , please tell us how can we upload all products ?


I have two opinion.
Envato Market Author Help Center: Here

Hire someone who have some recent approved item on codecanyon hope they will help you soon.