Keywords Role!!! vs Sales vs Elements etc

I want to discuss keywords with you: slight_smile:

Lets say someone has no sales even if he has 100 songs!
Blame Elements? Right?

Who says its Elements fault or the changed search algorithm’s fault?

Why aren’t the keywords’s fault? because they are so bad that you have no sales?

I mean , keywords are playing the most massive if not the total part of our sales, right?
Who is going to find your song if you use bad keywords? noone
Maybe you are using bad keys because you was not in the proper psychology when you was filling them! Or something… But This is a subject for discussion!

What do you think about this? Do you think you have nice keywords? How big part they are playing?
What are the best keys in your opinion? Single words or whole sentences? How do you deal with keywords?

By the way, Elements is playing a big part but I think they don’t have so big variety and quality tracks. So I don’t think Elements its the only fault we are not selling a lot. it comes then to our quality here in AJ… ?

Who knows… what you think?

Waiting for your opinion on this!

I have just 100 items) I try to use carefully keywords when choosing a name. The search shows tracks in good positions (if done correctly). Views in recent times has become significantly less. Maybe it’s in my music, which does not fit the requirements of buyers, maybe I’m missing something. But in May I had 11 sales. 11, Carll!)) I don’t want to blame the Elements, aliens, 5$ tracks, pinkzebras or someone else)) The situation is deplorable, to be honest. Not for everyone, but it is. I hope that everything will work out soon.

Keywords only seem to have ANY effect when sorting by sales. Then, they serve to make sure that the biggest all-time sellers appear, regardless of their actual relevance.

UNLESS - if you choose a strange, rare, unique, almost-never-heard keyword. Then, you might get some visibility.

Titles, unfortunately, seem to be the only things that matter. And in some cases, as we’ve recently learned, repeating keywords within the titles seems to help even more.

Quite frankly, on the whole, titles are the single most embarrassing and unprofessional aspect of the Audiojungle experience.