Garbage Keywords?

Hi everyone,

I’m curious to get everyone’s take on certain keywords. Seems like there are some keywords that everybody seems to use, but seem like to me like they would be unnecessary and I wonder if anybody ever searches on them.

Words like background, commercial, advertising. I wonder if any customers actually search these keywords because, of course the music’s function is as a background, often in a commercial setting, and frequently in advertising.

I’ve taken to excluding words like this from my keyword list and instead opting for more mood and feeling based keywords. Is this a mistake? As far as I know we don’t as authors get any data on how well any of our keywords perform. So if I stop using keywords like “background”, am I missing out on possible sales?

What are your thoughts, kind humans?



I agree that lots of people use keywords that are not related to the item. That hurts the platform, the author and most importantly the client. Because if you search for an “inspirational” track and you end up listening to something that is the opposite, you have a bad experience, time wasted.
So I think we should all try to only used keywords that are relevant.
I do agree that a lot of music is background music but certainly not all of it. There is also music with clear motifs and leads to stand out and actually function more as a leader.
So when I feel I have created music that is certainly useful as background music I will definitely put that keyword. If I make something that is meant as an Ident or Logo I will probably not else it would be misleading.