The Title Wars

For the love of dog, can we please have a search engine based only on tags and description, and not titles, and a policy of creative titles only?

I resent having to use generic titles, and want to spend my time being creative with music, and giving my creations a distinctive and dignified title, rather than working out how to game the search engine.

As someone who is both an author, and a subscriber on Elements, I can tell you that when I see a pages and pages of almost identical keyword stuffed titles, with little visual distinction between each item, I find it very overwhelming, but it also leaves me with an impression of unprofessionalism.

Time for a change?


It’s an Epic idea, indeed, and though it should be Inspiring for the Corporate, they seem to be Happy as Ukuleles with the current Success of the Business model as it is, so I don’t think they’ll find the Motivation to stomp it in any time soon. Maybe if things go a little Lo-Fi they’ll reconsider it and Uplift the Technology Ambient to improve the SEO.


Ha Ha like your uplifting,inspiring upbeat motivating,epic post.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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it sounds like the new AI search is supposed to fix this

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@WormwoodMusic I almost lost my coffee, reading that :smiley: Definitely one of the most upbeat and motivational comments I’ve seen…

@AndySlatter As I understand it, several aspects of the new Elements Music search will address this - I’m not across all the details yet, but it will be a multi-modal search that draws from several things. For example:

  • Author supplied title, tags, description (our current keyword-based metadata)
  • AI-driven tags (currently used only for the filtering options)
  • Similarity of the track to other items that perform well for closely related searches (“vector search”)
  • Far better handling of natural language queries, instead of simple keyword matching
  • There’s also an option coming where customers provide an audio reference, and the search finds tracks in the same style

Ideally, music search performance should be about the track itself (does the music actually match what customers want, when they search for that query?), instead of just how it’s labelled.

A lot of foundational work has already been done, but the on-site Music Search changes are currently planned for the Jul-Sep quarter of this year.


Thanks for the information, Ben, it sounds encouraging.


I hope we will sell more, 5-6 years same people on the top list. Demotivating…

Any chance we’ll be seeing something like this on Audiojungle ?

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@popraz Definitely not in the short term, sorry - almost all of our engineering resources are concentrated into Elements, and the next big piece of Search & Discovery work isn’t due to begin until July.

Beyond that, I don’t have any more information on which projects will be given priority over the rest of the year.