Keywords and the Search Engine

Hi there. I’m new to the sales side of AJ and it seems I may have misunderstood how keywords work. Are keywords not found by the search engine at all? If not, what are they even for?

I did a few searches this weekend and was surprised to see that none of my tunes are found when searching for a keyword used by them, only tunes with the search word in their actual titles. It seems as if keywords make no difference whatsoever when searching. One example is “Sunday Drive,” which you will never find when searching for “happy” or even “ukulele.”

Sorry if this has already been covered somewhere, but I actually did search for that too lol.

Thanks for any advice.

Keywords matter. Search for “ukulele” and “sunday” and your track shows up as the second track in the search. You need to consider the sheer amount of tracks that are available on AudioJungle. A search for “ukulele” in the music category got me this result: You found 15,587 ukulele royalty free music tracks

Your track is without a doubt within the search result. Just not in any of the first 60 pages using only one keyword.

But yes, titles are heavily weighted. Unfortunately. Which basically mean you need to consider your title as a keyword as well.

I see. I did a search for Ukulele originally, and got 60 pages of results which did not include my tune. I guess I made the mistake of assuming that was all of the results.

Thanks for the clarification, that helps a lot.