How can customers find my item ?

Hello i have made this corporate track :

I didnt wanted to name it “uplifting, corporate, inspiring, motivational…” but even when i put 4 keywords of my description the item never appears in the search engine results. I think the quality is not so bad so : how can i make customers find it (even at the page 8) ? How can the only buyer found it ? Is it AJ who keep it out of the results because it is not good enough ? Should i rename it “uplifting inspiration…” ? Maybe it’s now useless to compose items like this…Is there someone who knows how it works ? Thank you

It appears on the first place. Here’s screenshot

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sorry my english is bad : i was talking about the keywords because no one will write the name of the item it has no sense…


This is how it works here: Nobody cares about the keywords - the title is the keywords.

Why big sellers have the luxury of naming their tunes differently from “uplifting, motivational, inspiring…” and they still sell a lot ??? So you advise me to rename it whit this f…king same words ???

As of tags, almost every corporate track on AJ has similar tags, and your item is two weeks old and has one sale, so yeah, it’s not that easy for the track to be found. But I searched «modern motivation marketing sky» - and your track was №5 on the first page! Search engine is definetly not the best thing here on AJ

thank you all for your help ! @Theo_Sound : but it’s the same case : the word “sky” is off topic, no one will write this word this has nothing to do with the others…

Exactly. This is why I said, the title is the keywords. Envato never bothered to address this, despite repeated complaints from authors. For some reason, they prefer it to be like this.

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If your track is a corporate track, has 1 sale and is two weeks old it doesn’t matter what you call it. It will not be found (unless someone, for some reason searches for “sky”, or needs a very specific length that your track happens to have)…

That is the reality in a place with thousands of authors and thousands of new tracks flooding in. No change, except for “randomness”, in the search engine would change that.

If titles were ignored, and only tags used, your track would still be invisible because there are only about 20 words that are useful for describing music like this that buyers use. Simply a fact to live with. The only difference is that the list of tracks would look a lot nicer.

If you have low sales, the only way to get traffic is to bring it in yourself, or make very specific and unusual music.

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Thank you, it makes sense ! So what do you advise me to do ? It’s impossible that this item grows up in sales thanks to randomness, i’m a small author : should i stop making coroporate tracks ? Do my Corporate tracks have no chance in this place ? It’s very discouraging because comparing tracks, i think the quality is not worse than some good selling items…

Well, like I said, you have to slowly build traffic yourself, and consistently make new, good music. Every new track will bring a little bit of traffic to the old tracks.

You can be lucky and get featured, but the chances are very, very small. Of course, they are even smaller if you don’t make new music. :slight_smile:

It’s like YouTube at this point. Even if you make a really good video, it won’t get any views if you have a new channel, unless you get really lucky and you are featured on a blog.

A few years ago, every good track would get 5-10 sales the first week, because it was visible longer. Now you need an exceptionally good track, OR an established profile with lots of traffic, for the same results.

Ok, i don’t understand “how can i get traffic myself” ??? Once customers know audiojungle, what do they care about our soundclouds, FB, website…???

Well, that’s the hard part. :grin:

It’s the same for every business. With high competition, you need successful marketing.

i definitely don’t understand this part : it’s like asking a small food producer to convince customers to go see his products exposed in a hudge supermarket in the middle of thousands of others producers ??? But i will think about it

for the moment i think it’s better for me to quit :slight_smile:



The best you can do is simply to continue do what makes you happy! If music is then just share it on the jungle and hope for the best!

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+1 to @Flumen who is always there for newbies and desperate authors hahaha :grin:

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That doesn’t make any sense :slight_smile:

It doesn’t? It’s how the world works.