Just got this Holiday eCard Hard rejected - What do you think

I had bad experiences with GR reviewers since 2007, but this time they deserve a special award for hard killing my Animated holiday eCard I made for this holiday season. 9 years and 500 items later, some of my best items are killed with no explanation. When it comes to taxing 30% of my income, they happily agree. What do you think guys, have stories like this?

(previews of my hard rejected item) - 2nd ribbon text is in a different font because it’s editable:



Don’t get me wrong but if you’re using these fonts, it doesn’t actually fit with the design
You may think that you could use contrast but not with these color, the ribbon colors are too bright and what I though first you just found the materials from internet (free sources) and merged it. If you’re able to design the frames like those, you should be aware of using the “snow” effect is disturbing

My two cents