Hard Rejection on 2 items continuously.... need guidance

I am new to Graphicriver and had created 3 graphics which have received Hard rejection. I am unable to understand why my items are being rejected. All the items are created by my inhouse team. All the graphics were in A4 size, CMYK with source files. Please let me know how I can improve?

Please check the link mentioned below.


Please share your opnions, I would be really greatful

Hi @abhastudios, nice work, but there are a few issues!

Scale probably isn’t a reason, but it might have helped, (l suspect that a good part of Xmas graphics are Vector based)?

If l do something that cannot be done in Vectors, then l tend to make it large, so the customer can scale down. Golden rule is don’t do something small, as if the customer wants to enlarge it, it will lose its quality!

Hard to make out the M in Santas beard.

The top Left, Merry Christ… should be uppercase for the M!

And the Merry Christ,…on the right, probably has too many colors for the text!


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hi, i think that the first two ones are simply not aesthetic enough at this point,not to mention that maybe they are not original enough too … . The santa xmas beard is very creative but is lacking details in the face side and thus looks a bit unbalanced or strange but idea is very good and the execution beard side is great. The xmas boxes cool i don’t really know why it was rejected … . for the following one, I like the effect on Merry , but the problem is that xmas is not springing out and i guess that’s why they did not accept it … (but this is cool in my view, maybe changing the colors might help you …). For th last illustration, this is cool and well executed but i tend to believe that the typo and typo combinations are not matching so well with the the visual part …