June 2022 Elements Payout

Hi. I haven’t received my June 2022 payment yet… it’s already the 16th… @BenLeong can you give us some info? thanks


We pay out your earnings into your nominated account on the 16th of the month if it is a weekday . If the 16th falls on a weekend, your earnings will be paid on the following Monday. Due to our revenue share methodology, there is a necessary delay before we can calculate author earnings.

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thanks for great feedback @unlockdesign

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It’s already the 21st and I did not receive my payout?

There is a minimum payout threshold of USD $50 that applies to your earnings, as per the author agreement.

@rushay1977 How much you have earned ?

I’ve received the SECOND relief grant from Envato.

I just want to say huge thanks to Envato. This help for Ukrainian authors is invaluable. We will remember this kindness and compassion for the rest of our lives.

I’ve spend both relief grants to help Ukraine to win. I’ve donated to our army, volunteers who helps army. Also I’ve helped my own friends who serves in the army and fights with enemy just now. Thank you, dear Envato!


I’ve not made the minimum but i’ve received the payment every month regardless, i also have not received the incentive on the 20th for this month and the previous month.

I didn’t receive either my earnings and incentives, therefore submitted a request through Author Help Center. I also didn’t get email from James, only notification that I have statements to download.
Support reached out today and notified me that their team is now looking into that to see why it happened. You should contact them as well so they know there would be more authors with the same problem.

You are right, they send payment every month for Elements even when minimum isn’t reached, though they state different on Author Agreement page. I received payment of only $12 one month. They didn’t send only payment for Marketplace when there’s less than $50.

I’m getting conflicting messages, Ben stated that the minimum threshold which I was aware of but I’ve been receiving it every month. When I looked at my PayPal I noticed I haven’t received my incentive, which then conflicts with what is stated. I think there is a issue but the author support did not reply after I asked them about the incentive they stated. I’m still awaiting a reply.

I’ve received an e-mail on 18th of July about a payment failure where my Envato Elements earnings didn’t go through for some odd reason. Next thing I did was to contact support and explain to them that something went wrong and that I am receiving money through my Payoneer account that I have been using for years, someone from support replied and told me that they will speak to the finance team to see what went wrong with this transaction in particular.

That reply from support was on 22nd of July, after that I’ve tried to reach out twice to get some update on the issue, each time patiently waiting for 4-5 days between sending another email.

Nobody is replying and I still didn’t receive my Elements earnings. Support ticket is - 2820125

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. @BenLeong @unlockdesign

@d3luxxxe I’ll follow up with the Author Support team - they should respond on your original ticket.

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@BenLeong I received a reply on the same issue as my incentives and normal payment did not come through. I was told there is a issue and that my payment will run with the next due payment date.