JPEG 2000 or Animation Codec - Is it allowed?

Hi there, I need a quick reply from review staff, or an author who had the experience with this. Is it allowed to render files with alpha channel in JPEG 2000 Codec, because QuickTime PNG is way to large in filesize, I cannot compress all my files in 3GB.
Or - Is it allowed to upload with loseless animation codec, since this codec is downsized well when compressed in zip file.

So, QuickTime MOV - JPEG 2000 Codec or Animation Codec, is it allowed?


Encoding Format

Following are the accepted encoding formats:

  • Photo JPEG
  • PNG and Alpha
  • Apple ProRes 422
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ
  • H.264

Please note any file submission with a different encoding format apart from the above will not be accepted.

Ok thanks, I just don’t see reason why not. Then they should increase this 3GB maximum file size.

Why do you want to use codec jpeg 2000 rather than photo jpg, Is photo jpg not enough to decrease the size of your video?

Did you read first post? I need alpha channel.

You can render the alpha as separate video and include it with the files

I don’t want that customers have to do that. I need alpha ready files. It will be uploaded in motion graphics section.

Or at least, animation codec. Animation codec is sized down pretty well when it’s compressed in zip file

If you can’t decrease the video size and your video must be above the 3GB, you can contact the support team and say that you want an exception of the limitation rule. As I remember some author did that and they got permission to upload more than 3GB

Ok thanks friend.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Just to make this list full.
Apple ProRes 4444 with Alpha is also acceptable.
But, of course, it’s too big for topic starter needs.

I was just about to say the same exact thing.