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Hello everebody. I made a project wich contains 5 clips with alpha. 12 seconds individual clip and 4K. My problem - no matter how I zip the files and what method I choose hte archive is 7.3 gb… How do you deal with this? Is something I am missing? I can not render the motion graphics in anything than prores4444 + alpha. any workaround? Thank`s!

Hi. Maximum file size allowed is 3GB, so you can´t upload your 7.3GB project, you have to reduce it. To upload clips with alpha channel I use individual folders with png sequences for every clip. Maybe this could make it smaller, try and see what you get.

Hello, I know that the maximul allowed file size is 3GB, but there is no way for me to reduce the project to 3GB, the only way is to make it Full HD instead of 4K.

Did you try to render the clips in “png sequence”? If this doesn’t work, then you have to make all full hd instead of 4k, as you said.

If I understand correctly they are not accepting PNG anymore, I got a soft rejections just this days when using this codec:
This item is affected by a recent change in macOS Catalina as the video codec used is no longer supported inside of Quicktime or FCPX/Apple Motion – specifically the Photo PNG codec.

We’re currently working on removing the PNG+Alpha codec option from our approved file formats. In the meantime, since this item contains an alpha channel, we recommend encoding this item using the Apple ProRes 4444 codec.

Read this link for more information.

Please provide an update to this item, as well as any other item in your portfolio that might be affected, to meet these new compatibility standards provided in the Apple link above. Any other items in your portfolio that might contain affected codecs could be subject to temporary disablement if not resolved.

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No, I didn´t say that you can render a QuickTime file with PNG codec, I know that´s not allowed anymore. What I meant is “PNG Sequence”. In After Effects there´s an option where you can render a composition with alpha channel in a sequence of png files, if your clip/comp has 200 frames, then, after the render process, you will have a folder with 200 png files in a sequence that can be imported as footage by the customer in After Effects, and preserving the alpha channel.

I am not quite sure I understand. Ok, I got it with the png sequence but are not you suppose to upload a video file in stock motion category? I mean a proper video file? like mov or mp4?

In your first post you said you had a “project” containing clips with alpha, you didn’t say stock video clips. So I thought that you wanted to upload an After Effects Project File with assets and alpha channel. I misunderstood, sorry. I don’t have a better option than making the project full hd instead of 4k. Maybe other author can give you a good solution.

Well, my bad :slight_smile: I wrote project meening it cointaint of 5 separe 4K video files with alpha :slight_smile: I allready made it Full HD, I do not think there is another way. But still opened to suggestions :slight_smile:

Let’s hope for other option that maybe other author has :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Sure, here comes the solution:
Render it as ProRes422 with separate alpha matte. (For the alpha matte I use ProRes422 LT to save on filesize, that is usually good enough)

If that ends up being too big as well, use h264.


I am sorry but I don`t really got this… my animation was made in blender with an transparent background. I rendered from blender in mov container with QT RLE / QT animation codec. Then I import that animation in premiere pro an re-render from there using pro res 4444-alpha - how do I render the alpha mate alone in this case? There is no separate layer with alpha mate when rendering from blender.

Hey, just render your video normally as ProRes422 with a black background, then render another video and check this checkbox:

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Apple no longer supports PNG codec. Now we can not render video with this codec. But I still can’t understand what about the images. Can I include PNG images with alpha channel in to my projects? :man_shrugging:
Does anyone know?

Yes, I uploaded recently AE projects with motion assets in png sequences. So no problem with that. What you can´t use anymore is a QuickTime file mov with codec PNG