How to make motion graphic with alpha channel.


I have tryed to upload a motion footage with alpha channel, it was encoded in quicktime PNG with alpha channel, and it got rejected as it is no longer supported. I tryed making that footage with alpha channel with Apple ProRes 4444 codec, but got no success because im on windows? Where are no Apple ProRes codec in after effects. I tryed to use video encoder program to convert to Apple ProRes but the alpha channel dissapears.
How do you make footage with alpha channel to upload to videohive? I dont have mac.

Thank you.

After Effects CC2019 and newer do have the ability to render to ProRes under windows. As well as Media Encoder CC2019 and newer.

If you don’t have creative cloud, take a look at the script “After Codecs”. I think this should work with Alpha Channel.

If everything goes wrong, you can render a seperate alpha matte as a black and white video. This often ends up being the lowest filesize as well, so I do this for my stuff that ends up being too big when encoded in ProRes4444.

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Hi, I have found that .tiff format with LZW compression ticked on in settings is pretty good too. The files are way lower in size than PNG and contain great quality. I have not tried submitting motion graphics in this format, but my AE projects with footage pre-rendered in this format had no trouble getting approved. I hope this hels :slight_smile:

ok tiff and lzw compression but which video format do you mention about?

You cannot submit image sequences as Motion Graphics, they need to be in a video container.

After Effects assets have different codec requirements/restrictions.

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Thank you creattive. I was using media encoder cc 2019 which somehow does not have apple prores, but after effects cc2019 renderer has it. Strange.

that’s odd. It should be there. Did you take a look at the settings or just at the presets?

apple prores 444 with alpha is so terrific video format, one 20 second 4k video is 2,2gb while photo png+alpha is just only 200mb, also 444 has no quality adjustment, I miss photo png+alpha.

yes, it’s huge. But also much greater color depth.

To get low filesize you have to go the route of separate alpha mattes these days.

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